Telecom and Wireless 

iDataLytics offers a suite of services that cater to the needs of carriers and equipment vendors alike. Our engineers have decades of cumulative experience that span all layers of the wireless ecosystem including core and access elements.

Our suite of services include:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Assurance
  • Performance Analysis and Engineering
  • Performance Operations
  • Network Integration and Testing
  • Tool Development and Automation

Big Data

iDataLytics brings to bear a legacy of expertise in the big data and information management domains. With several big data certified (Cloudera and HortonWorks) consultants on our roster we are well equipped to tackle your most complex big data challenges.

Our suite of services include:

  • Big Data Strategy Development
  • Proof of Concept (POC) Development
  • Big Data Technology Evaluation
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Managed Services, Support and Maintenance
  • Staff Augmentation

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

The advent of new BI and analytics tools and techniques are making it possible for firms to extract true value from their enterprise data. Any company, regardless of their position on the BI maturity curve, needs a strong technology consulting partner to guide them on that value realization journey.

Our suite of services include:

  • Enterprise BI Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Technology/Tools Evaluation
  • Development, Implementation and Support of BI systems
  • Hybrid Transaction / Analytical Processing (HTAP)

Application Services

Organizations are finding it challenging to keep up with this dizzying pace of application technology evolution. With over 100+ years of cumulative application development expertise, iDataLytics consultants are well positioned, and qualified, to develop your software applications no matter the complexity of the platform or the application technology stack.

Our suite of services include:

  • Application Development (legacy, backend, web and mobile)
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance (including test automation)

Cloud Services

Whether you are interested in one or all elements of the cloud stack (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS), iDataLytics can provide advisory and implementation services that deliver tangible business value to your cloud initiatives. iDataLytics can identify and repurpose your complete set of enterprise capabilities as modular cloud service components that can be developed, reconfigured, and scaled as required.

Our suite of services include:

  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Architectural Assessment
  • Migration Strategy
  • Migration Execution

Internet of Things (IOT)

While the business potential of IOT is clear, enterprises face significant technological challenges transitioning to an IOT driven world. The onslaught of data and information that enterprises have to cope up with can pose significant challenges on the transmission, management, storage, retrieval and security fronts.

Our suite of services include:

  • IOT Strategy Development
  • Proof of Concept (POC) Development
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Data Infrastructure Evaluation and Modeling

Human Capital Acquisition

Contingent labor is, and will continue to be, a vital part of a company’s talent fulfillment strategy. iDataLytics offers talent acquisition services to help mitigate your staffing challenges. Our staffing practice has a proven track record of delivering critical resources with niche technology skills as well as those that are highly supply constrained.

Our suite of services include:

  • Contract staffing placements
  • Contract-for-hire staffing placements
  • Direct hire placements
  • Custom/Tailor-made staffing programs

Our Clients

We know our clients have many choices, and so we distinguish ourselves through strong relationships and a focus on meeting their needs. We thank our clients for placing their trust in iDataLytics.