Migration to Informatica Cloud

Client has rail network which comprises approximately 6,700 route miles (10,783 km) in the U.S. and Mexico. It is a Class I railroad and holding company with railroad investments in the United States, Mexico, and Panama.
Business Needs
  • Migrate Legacy Systems to Cloud.
  • Maintain 10 years of history data.
  • Modernize the entire application landscape by upgrading the databases and establishing a new data warehouse.
  • Real-time map visualization of train traffic for routes, yards/terminals and other linear assets.
  • Maintain Data quality and Data Governance.
Our Solutions
  • Leveraged Informatica Cloud platform to customize ETL Solutions, to support the migration and optimization of data transfers between legacy system and Azure cloud data warehouse.
  • Built custom API’s using Cloud Application Integration to maintain the history in Data Lake.
  • Developed customized dashboards using Power BI to visualize and monitor the live feed.
Business Benefits
  • Upgraded underlying applications and services while boosting efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Live dashboards for testing of track, yard /terminals.
  • Automated process to monitor and restart the job, if there is any failure.
  • Minimizes disruption to daily business operations with minimal manual efforts.