MongoDB OpsManager Implementation

Client is one of the leading American class 1 railroad company and it operates in 10 midwestern and southern US States.
Business Needs
  • Automate Backup, Restore and Monitoring of MongoDB Database.
  • Increase performance on high load traffic.
  • Capacity planning, without taking the application offline.
  • Restore to any point in time.
Our Solutions
  • Implemented MongoDB Ops -manager and enabled automation for Backup, Restore and Monitor.
  • Improved insights to ensure smooth operations and a great experience for the end users.
  • Performed MongoDB Sharding to split network traffic.
Business Benefits
  • Deploy, monitor, upgrade and maintain clusters directly through OpsManager.
  • Monitor 100+ system metrics and get custom alerts before the system degrades.
  • Up to 95% reduction in operational overhead.
  • Add capacity, without taking the application offline