Salesforce CRM

Client is an American multinational corporation, and manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.
Business Needs
  • Customer service reps did not have a consolidated and accurate view of inventory and order history; they lacked the intelligence required to know customer details and offer discounts/promotions on new orders; relied on multiple source systems to do their job.
  • It was challenging for customer support organizations to hire and on-board new support agents, and train current employees to meet the demands of the business.
Our Solutions
  • Implemented service cloud console to enable a consolidated view of critical information on a single page.
  • Created Order Management module to store customer order history, place new orders, and apply new promotion and discounts.
  • Implemented CTI to identify the customer quickly, retrieve customer details (including authorized users to place order), and retrieve customer order history.
  • Implemented other support channel capabilities such as Live agent, Omni channel etc.
  • Implemented knowledge repository (related to products and promotions) to assist in training of customer service reps.
Business Benefits
  • 30% increase in customer calls handled successfully.
  • Dramatically improved rep satisfaction-since system enabled end-to-end tracking of customer orders; One stop shop of addressing customer problem since reps did not have to access multiple systems.
  • Reduced waiting me for customers since reps had instant access to the information/knowledge base.