Salesforce Customer Management

Client is an American company that develops and sells health information technology, including electronic health records, especially for organizations and entities in the behavioral health field.
Business Needs
  • Company relies heavily on M&A for growth and this introduced a key challenge.
  • Every new company that is acquired needs to be brought into the legacy company’s marketing fold with marketing campaigns pushing product and service information targeting new customers; Sales personnel had to interact with both new and existing customers; Tracking of sales progress, closing of deals, supporting sold product and services, tracking time and services rendered, and training of associates was a constant challenge
Our Solutions
  • Designed new campaign management and lead management functionality to improve marketing strategy.
  • Implemented marketing automation so that sales reps could leverage automatic alerts to be instantly notified when marketing has passed them a lead; Also implemented Account, Opportunity, Product, Invoice management tracking to help sales team efficiency and productivity.
  • Utilized case management functionality to improve support processes. Designed community platform to enhance customer’s awareness of new products and services, manage cases, share ideas/knowledge, etc.
  • Automated the Backups for repository and Domain.
  • Implemented financial force to track expenses related to training and travel.
Business Benefits
  • Increased customer base using efficient campaigning.
  • Improved customer support/service by reducing issue resolution me.
  • Enhanced customer interaction within user communities.
  • Improved knowledge base of customer care representatives.