About Us

Why iDatalytics?

Consulting services companies are a dime-a-dozen and they come in all sorts of hues and colors. We understand that businesses have many options at their disposal when deciding to partner with a service and solution provider. Traditional consulting outfits have over-promised and under-delivered.

iDataLytics was founded on the core belief that consulting engagements, when meticulously understood, staffed and executed, can lead to tangible client value. We go beyond snazzy PowerPoints to actually deliver what we promise. We truly believe that trust is earned one client at a time and that we will be given only one chance to prove ourselves.

Changes in technology do not intimidate us. Neither do evolving processes, methodologies, or business models. As a firm we constantly re-tool ourselves to face the shifting landscape so that we are ready and prepared. These core beliefs in conjunction with our commitment to doing business with integrity pave way for enduring client relationships.

Here are the reasons why clients love us


“To serve as a catalyst of digital transformation for our clients”


“To become the most recognized consulting services brand by enabling digital transformation for our clients”

Our Values


We conduct business with integrity and we expect the same from our employees.


We have a deep admiration for people’s abilities, qualities, and achievements.

Customer Focus

We believe that we are successful when our customers are successful.


We foster an environment of innovative thinking. We are constantly thinking of the next best way to use technology to solve a business problem.

Team Work

We believe in the power of the team. There is no problem that cannot be tackled if we all put our minds toward solving it.


We believe that we owe to the communities that we live in and do our best to support them when we can.

Our People