Database Maintenance and Monitoring (Big Data)

Client is a Class I railroad and holding company with railroad investments in the United States, Mexico and Panama. The company has a rail network which comprises approximately 6,700 route miles in the U.S. and Mexico.
Business Need
  • Client was deploying an application that monitored mission-critical train movement data. The application relied on a high-performance, scalable, big data architecture consisting of a cluster of NoSQL (MongoDB) databases.
  • Client did not have technical expertise to design, install, configure, maintain and monitor the NoSQL data environments.
  • Client needed assistance with database administration, performance tuning to handle peak loads, backup, rapid restoration and monitoring. They also needed assistance with performing capacity planning without taking the applications offline and restoration of database state to any point in time.
Our Solution
  • Implemented MongoDB OpsManager and enabled automation for backup, restoration and monitoring
  • Implemented enhanced monitoring capabilities to offer performance insights. Ensured smooth operations of the entire cluster environment leading to a superior application experience for end users.
  • Performed sharding exercise to split network traffic data
  • Provided 24×7 support to ensure high performance and high availability
Business Benefit
  • Enabled deploy, monitor, upgrade and cluster maintenance leveraging OpsManager, resulting in a simpler and efficient data maintenance and management process
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities that scaled to handle increasing data workloads – it is now possible to monitor 100+ system metrics and get custom alerts before the system performance degrades
  • Achieved 95% reduction in operational maintenance overhead
  • Minimized application downtime – it is now possible to add capacity, without taking the applications offline