A one-stop communication platform that brings together
communities of providers, specialists, pharma and lab personnel
An app created to simplify communications between key stakeholders in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. Dolphin brings together all the core capabilities available in popular networking, communication and scheduling tools under one seamless application.Whether your goal is to increase patient referrals and track them, communicate discreetly with a select groups of providers, or to disseminate information to specific communities, Dolphin makes that easy for you.

Key Features

Digital Rolodex
Accurate, precise and up-to-date contact information of community members. Reaching out to a member or referring any one is just a few taps away.
Intuitive Appointment Scheduler
A swift and smooth method to schedule meetings with community members.
Instantaneous Communication
Facilitate instant communication with community members on an individual or group basis.
Event setup and notifications
Setup/schedule events with community members and assess participation/interest in real-time.

Use Cases

Patient Referral

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) can use Dolphin to access and utilize accurate provider/specialist information to refer patients needing hospital care or access to specialty providers.

Event Notifications

Pharma representatives can easily setup events for announcing new drug releases, clinical trial results, speaker programs etc. Invite select members of the community to these events, assess participation interest and manage their attendance.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing staff at primary care and specialized care facilities can use Dolphin to communicate to secondary and tertiary care providers and bring them up to speed on the latest and greatest in treatment options, procedures, technologies and facilities.

Clinical Trials

Provider groups participating in clinical trials can use Dolphin to create trial member groups and sub-groups for their informal communication needs.

Want to experience our easy and intuitive, one-stop platform for provider communication and collaboration?